‘First among seven equals’

„Erster unter sieben Gleichen“
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
30 September 2019

Renaud de Planta is the Senior Partner of the Pictet Group and has been a Managing Partner since 1998.

German-speaking Switzerland's biggest daily newspaper features a portrait of Renaud de Planta, focusing on his career and his new role as Senior Partner of the Pictet Group.

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‘The Swiss market remains a priority’

‘Priorität geniesst der Schweizer Markt’
Finanz und Wirtschaft
4 September 2019

The newly appointed Senior Partner, Renaud de Planta sat down with Finanz und Wirtschaft to discuss how he defines his new role (think evolution rather than revolution), growth potential in Asia and Pictet’s continued commitment to Switzerland.

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‘Pictet is going to build a tower block in Geneva’

‘Pictet va construire une tour à Genève’
Le Temps
2 September 2019

In this interview with Le Temps, Renaud de Planta presents the Pictet Group’s main focus: important real estate project in Geneva, growth in Asia and new investment strategies.

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‘Pictet targets Asia as wealth managers battle for ultra-rich’

Financial Times
2 September 2019

An in-depth conversation, in which Renaud de Planta discussed the growth potential in Asia and―a possible scoop for the FT―the possibility of Pictet making an acquisition to drive growth in the region.

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‘The current base rate means the pain threshold has been reached’

‘Mit dem gegenwärtigen Leitzins ist die Schmerzgrenze erreicht’
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
2 September 2019

In an expansive interview with the German broadsheet, the new senior partner gave his take on the impact of negative interest rates, the current geopolitical tensions and his vision for growth in Asia.

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