More Covid-19 related insights

Pictet Asset Management

10 December

The office of tomorrow

Offices in a post-pandemic world will likely change in appearance, but they will remain key to cities – and commercial real estate portfolios.

Zsolt Kohalmi, Global Head of Real Estate and Co-Chief Executive Officer; Pictet Alternative Advisors

2 December

Better for you, better for the planet - food after Covid

Covid-19 has disrupted the food sector’s supply chains and is set to change consumer eating habits for good.

The Thematic Advisory Board

1 December

Barometer: Vaccine a shot in the arm for cyclical stocks

With a Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon, cyclical stocks could stage a recovery.

Pictet Asset Management strategy unit

10 November

Going viral: scenarios for a post-pandemic world

There are various paths the world could take in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis. Our study presents investors with four scenarios that might plausibly unfold over  the next five to 10 years.

Stephen Freedman, Senior Product Specialist
Daria (Dasha) Krivonos, CEO and Futurist Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

1 November

Barometer: Riding out the second wave

As the second wave of Covid-19 sweeps through Europe and the US, some emerging market and Asian assets look more appealing.

Pictet Asset Management strategy unit

19 August

Earth Overshoot Day: towards a more sustainable post-Covid world

The global health crisis has led to a drastic decline in humanity’s ecological footprint. How can the world continue along this sustainable trajectory?

Stephen Freedman, Senior Product Specialist

11 August

Are EM central banks running out of ammunition?

In recent months, most major emerging market central banks have sharply cut their policy-rates to alleviate the negative economic shock of the pandemic. But is this sustainable and what can we expect going forward?

Nikolay Markov, Senior Economist

3 August

Barometer: Corona conundrum

Markets have rallied sharply on unrelenting policy stimulus, but Covid-19 has yet to be defeated. Fears of a second wave and mounting political risks argue for investor caution.

Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit

30 July

Sewage to the rescue

Sewage could hold the key to early detection of coronavirus infection waves – and the potential prevention of future pandemics.

Marc-Olivier Buffle, Senior Product Specialist, Cédric Lecamp, Senior Investment Manager, Thematic equities team

15 July

Going digital

Global lockdowns have proved a major catalyst for speeding up the digital revolution, opening up new opportunities in life and in investment.

Sylvie Séjournet, Senior Investment Manager, and Anjali Bastianpillai, Senior Product Specialist

10 July

Prepared for distressing times

Cracks in the corporate world have been papered over by central bank liquidity. But as economic fundamentals exert themselves, opportunities will open for distressed debt investors.

Total Return Fixed Income team 

3 July

Post-pandemic cities

Coronavirus will change the shape of our cities, but the tide of urbanisation is unstoppable.

Zsolt Kohalmi, Global Head of Real Estate and Co-Chief Executive Officer

29 June

Covid-19’s economic impact

How the global pandemic is speeding up the expansion of the touchless economy.

Mega in conversation with Daria Krivonos, Chief Executive Officer at Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

10 June

Covid and the spectre of stagflation

Will huge amounts of stimulus trigger the sort of stagflation that ravaged the world in the 1970s? We don't think so.

Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist

3 June

EMs walk the line ‒ Analysing the fiscal response

In our last edition we covered the monetary response to Covid 19 in emerging markets. This time we look at the fiscal side: which markets are making the biggest adjustments and which seem at greater risk?

Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist, Emerging Markets

3 June

Health care, re-invigorated

The health care industry’s fight against the coronavirus should boost its long-term investment appeal.

Marc Booty, Senior Investment Analyst for Global Healthcare

7 May

Sovereign debt risk after the virus

How governments were placed on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic will play a significant role in how they emerge from the crisis. In our latest Fixed Income Monthly, Andres Sanchez Balcazar and Sabrina Khanniche look at the disease’s longer-term implications for the sovereign debt markets.

Andres Sanchez Balcazar, Head of Global Bonds, and Sabrina Khanniche, Senior Economist


Pictet Wealth Management

27 November

Philanthropy in the time of covid

The global pandemic has put philanthropy to perhaps its greatest test yet.

Christoph Courth, Head of Philanthropy

20 October

Chinese economy recovers all covid-19 losses

Solid momentum pushes us to raise our growth forecast for this year.

Dong Chen, Senior Asia Economist

21 August

Changing the way we have fun

Does the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns mark a structural shift in patterns of leisure and entertainment or has it merely exacerbated trends that were already there?

Yordana Mavrodieva, Equity Analyst

8 June

Switzerland: well positioned for recovery

While it has been hit by the pandemic, we believe it is one of the best placed of the rich economies to rebound. We expect the Swiss franc to remain relatively stable against the euro.

Nadia Gharbi, Europe Economist, and Luc Luyet, Currencies Strategist

5 June

Fight and be bold: the Private Equity mantra in overcoming the coronavirus crisis

Private equity deals have been halted by poor visibility on the economic outlook, but this will be temporary, and if history repeats, bold investors might be rewarded.

Maurizio Arrigo, Head of Private Equity, Pictet Alternative Advisors

28 May

Where do we gold from here

The covid-19 crisis has disrupted our way of life and may have long-term consequences on day-to-day life as we have known it.

Luc Luyet, Currencies Strategist

18 May

Modern Monetary Theory makes inroads following coronavirus crisis

A ‘soft’ version of this approach to economic policy is here to stay.

Thomas Costerg, Senior US Ecomomist, and Jacques Henry, Cross-Asset Team Leader

8 May

Euro area: it’s never easy

Big differences in the pace of recovery between countries could pose a threat to the euro area. The ECB is helping, but some burden sharing is needed.

Nadia Gharbi, Europe Economist

Asia braces for economic impact of virus as China continues uneven recovery

The path to 'normal' will likely be lengthy and bumpy for Asian economies

Dong Chen, Senior Asia Economist