Open-minded, open to all

The Pictet Group supports diversity and inclusion, and our employment opportunities are open to all qualified candidates, regardless of individual characteristics and differences including, but not limited to, gender, race, social origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or personality.

Why should we deprive ourselves of talents that are key to our success?

“We are not aspiring to be the biggest financial group; we want to be a responsible company we all feel proud to work for.”

Renaud de Planta Senior Partner

An inclusive workplace creates the foundation for employee satisfaction and fulfilment. This in turn fosters a more creative and competitive working environment.

We aim to provide career opportunities and advancement based on merit and, aided by our ownership and governance structure, with a long-term focus. Our search for the best talent knows no boundaries.

90+ nationalities

68 languages spoken
throughout the Group

17 countries in which
Pictet is present

Pictet awarded global EDGE certification

The Pictet Group has achieved EDGE Level 1 (ASSESS) certification after a rigorous third-party evaluation that recognises the organisation’s focus on building a gender-balanced talent pipeline, ensuring pay equity, having an effective framework of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows and an inclusive culture.

Pictet is committed to giving gender-related dimensions, alongside other criteria that contribute to diversity, a very high priority in the management of our business.

“For 215 years we have placed our people at the forefront of our concerns, since our success, past, present and future is intrinsically linked to the welfare of our staff. This is why we believe so strongly in promoting a fair and inclusive work environment.”

Renaud de Planta Senior Partner

This certification has been awarded based on an in-depth assessment of Pictet’s data, policies and practices, as well as on the results of a comprehensive survey sent to all Group employees.

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What EDGE Certification measures

Ongoing initiatives

To help all staff thrive at Pictet, we have put in place multiple initiatives.

  • Several diversity committees whose mission is to encourage and maintain a fair and inclusive working environment, and help expand their own diversity vision.
  • Introduction of flexible working arrangements, such as flexible hours, working from home, annualised part-time or unpaid leave.
  • Training, especially for senior managers and hiring managers, on inclusive leadership and ensuring they are aware of unconscious bias.
  • An internal Women Sponsoring platform that fosters contact between women as a way of promoting networking, training and development.
  • A 20-day paternity leave, to be taken within 12 months following the birth or adoption.
  • Measures for mothers returning from maternity leave to help smooth the transition back to work.
  • Emergency childcare services.
  • Membership of Advance, an association of Swiss companies whose objective is to actively increase the share of women in leading positions.
  • Participation in information-sharing networks with other firms or associations to ensure that we can benefit from their experience or advice.
  • Partnering with organizations helping the objective of creating a pipeline of diverse, future talent and providing career opportunities to a broader demographic.


A diversity advocate in Singapore

Shin has been with Pictet since 2009 and first joined the London office as an emerging-debt product specialist for Pictet Asset Management, before transferring to Singapore. She currently holds a dual role as head of Pictet Asset Management Singapore and client portfolio manager for fixed income, specialising in Chinese bonds.

Tell us more about your particular interest in diversity. Where did it take root?

My attraction to diversity dates back to a peripatetic childhood. I was born in Malaysia, and when I was four my father took a job at an airline company in Singapore.

We got used to moving to a new place as often as every 18 months. I was eleven when my family moved to London, and I was thrilled by its multiculturalism that I could already sense despite my young age. I later returned to London to study chemical engineering at Imperial College.

You were part of Pictet Asset Management’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee for more than a year. What were its missions?

Pictet Asset Management’s Diversity & Inclusion committee was launched just over two years ago. It numbers three permanent members and a group of ten rotating colleagues selected from different countries, backgrounds and tenures within Pictet Asset Management.

The committee aims to incorporate diversity and inclusion into everyday business at all levels of the organisation. For example, we have introduced flexible working policies both in terms of part-time work as well as remote working solutions, and I was able to benefit from this after the birth of my second child.

Being a woman, engagement and retention of female talent are particularly close to my heart. I believe that having a successful career and a family should not be mutually exclusive. We need to make sure that female talent at Pictet can achieve both objectives. In addition, I believe that diversity and inclusion committees as well as improved workplace policies are important if we want to stay relevant in the workforce, to our clients, and other stakeholders.